Le Volume Courbe


Open the music box that is 'Le Volume Courbe' and you will be privy to the other-worldy recordings of french born singer-songwriter Charlotte Marionneau coupled with co-conspirator and multi-instramentalist Melanie Draisey. Softly sung, sweet and sinister songs of innocence and intrigue, the melodies are loosely mapped to lo fi acoustic guitars crackling with feedback and looped backing tracks. The band name was inspired by Charlotte's favourite sculpture and translates in English as 'The Volume Curves' which works as a title for their undulating dreamscape of sound on many levels. Considering herself to be a non-musician... music came to Charlotte. Encouraged to record with accompaniment by artists such as Hope Sandoval of 'Mazzy Star', and shoe gazer Kevin Shields, the girls have toured most recently in London with 'My Bloody Valentine'. On stage, Charlotte's shy demeanor is complimented by Melanie's comfortable sway as she swaps from violin to keyboard to percussion. 

For our latest muse project, we paired these two best friends with the phenomenal photographer Tara Darby whose meandering eye has fallen upon subject matter as varied as icebergs in the Arctic to still life of stacked drawings in the studio of Jenny Saville. To the forest they disappeared for the day and here is the shoot that emerged. Meet the talented ladies from The Volume Curves...

Photography by Tara Darby

Styling by Cecilia Hammarborg & Kate Weatherston


Silk scarf titled Sleeping Dogs in Onyx by Arlette Ess, Pocket Dress by Katherine Pont and Large Point Gold Plated Ring by Karin Andreasson.

Large Point Gold Plated Ring    Large Point Gold Plated RingLarge Point Gold Plated Ring

Mel wears Vintage Lace Kimono Dress. and Apricot Teddy by Alas.

Lace KimonoLace Kimono

Down Arrow Thin Ivory Ring and Large Point Gold Plated Ring by Karin Andreasson.

Down Arrow Thin Ivory RingLarge Point Gold Plated Ring

Charlotte wears the Half Coil Necklace by Eleanor Bolton, Highwaist Wideleg Pants by Cecilia Hammarborg, and Crop Blouse by Katherine Pont.


Mel wears Navy & Liberty Print Batwing Coat by Kate Sheridan.


Charlotte wears Two Point Necklace by Karin Andreasson, Mastermind Necklace by Elke & Poncho Dress by Makin Jan Ma. Mel wears Pocket Dress by Katherine Pont.

Two Point NecklaceLarge Point Gold Plated RingLarge Point Gold Plated Ring


Mel wears Pocket Dress by Katherine Pont.

Large Point Gold Plated Ring

Charlotte wears Patchwork Playsuit by Katherine Pont, Zuma Scarf by Milena Silvano, Box of Logic Pendant by Elke & Two Point Necklace by Karin Andreasson.

Patchwork PlaysuitZuma Scarf - Grey Box of logic pendant in multiTwo Point Necklace

Down Arrow Thin Ivory Ring by Karin Andreasson, Owl Dress by Vaudeville & Burlesque, and Half Coil Necklace by Eleanor Bolton.

Down Arrow Thin Ivory RingDown Arrow Thin Ivory RingHalf Coil Necklace - Natural

Mel wears Maria Maxi Dress by ALAS.

Maria Maxi  Dress


Charlotte wears Sailor top & Stripe Shorts by Colenimo, Silver Oblique Necklace by Henriette Lofstrom and Scilly Blue Sandals by Rae Jones. Mel wears Felt Applique Shetland Cardigan by Colenimo and Jungle Mirror Teddy by ALAS. 

Vintage Print 'Backwards' Sailor TopLinen/Cotton Stripe ShortsSilver Oblique Long Pendul NecklaceScilly Blue FELT APPLIQUE SHETLAND CARDIGANJungle mirror Teddy

Charlotte wears Sand & Fierce Coated Cotton Jacket by Kate Sheridan, Linen/Cotton Stripe Shorts by Colenimo

Sand & Fierce Coated Cotton Jacket

Tan and Black Leather Popper Rucksack and Grey and Tan Waxed Rucksack by Kate Sheridan.

Tan and Black Leather Popper RucksackGrey and Tan  Waxed Rucksack

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