Viva rhymes with fever...  Once a dancer, this lady choreographs her way through the drum kit, keeping time with hair swishes, exaggerated marching moves and a distinctive whirlwind prowess that is at once graceful and playful. After leaving the gymnastics arena, Viva turned her rhythm to rock n roll and began going to ATP festivals and gigs. Since playing keys for Bikini Atol and backing vocals with the Archie Bronson Outfit, Viva joined forces with her brother. Together they became 'Joe Gideon and The Shark' and are due to release their new album ' Freakish ' next January. Meet our muse swimming the punk-rock waters... Viva Seifert!

Photography by Cat Stevens
Styling by Katherine Pont & Natalie Willis

Viva wears Modern Utopian Poncho by Milena Silvano, Long Sleeve Maxi Dress by Outsider, Necklace of Formality and Carved Resin Garden Bracelets by Elke Kramer.



Viva wears Tassel Earrings by Jenny Jenny and Trippy Kitty Silk Shirt by Silken Favours.


Viva wears Navajo Coat by Cecilia Hammarborg, Felt Applique Shetland Cardigan by Colenimo and Medway Teal Lace-Ups by Rae Jones.


Viva wears Anchor Tights by Yes Natalie, and The Pikes Patent Shoe by Joux Joux le Shoe.


Viva wears 'Scene 6' Oversized Triangle Scarf by Electronic Sheep and Acid Yellow Hackney Coat by Cecilia Hammarborg.



Viva wears Silk Blouse by Gris Neutre and Gold Safety Pin Earrings by Anna Hedman de Garza.


Viva wears French Smock Dress by Colenimo, and Khaki Vienna Coat by Cecilia Hammarborg.


Viva wears Vintage Cable Knit Cardigan, Bodysuit by Underprotection and Gold Safety Pin by Anna Hedman de Garza.


Viva wears Slouchy Hooded Jumper and Boiled Wool Biker Jacket... both by Makin Jan Ma.


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