Noorin Khamisani was born and raised in London, she graduated with a first class honours degree in Fashion Design. Upon graduation she worked with designers such as Ann-Sofie Back, Jessica Ogden and Susan Cianciolo in New York. Working with these avant-garde labels, which incorporated recycled garments/vintage fabrics had a huge and lasting influence on Noorin's aesthetic.

Noorin went on to work for larger fashion companies including - Debenhams, Hobbs and Ted Baker. The combination of working with creative designers and mainstream fashion production & buying experience led to a broad understanding of the fashion industry and its impact on the environment. A year out travelling around Asia, visiting factories in Pakistan, India and Cambodia also added to a greater understanding of the impact of garment production on the lives of people involved in manufacturing.

Several years of researching sustainable fabrics and production methods combined with not being able to find ethically produced garments she wanted to buy, inspired Noorin to start Outsider. A fashion label which believes style and quality should be equally important as ethical sourcing and production.

Noorin explains - "I have always been interested in garments which have a timeless quality, so I have this in mind when I design. I want Outsider to be almost lost in time."