Karin Andreasson

Karin Andréasson has lived and worked in London since 1996. She moved from her native Sweden and completed a degree in three-dimensional design. Despite the fact she specialised in glass design, a childhood and enduring passion for jewellery could not be ignored and so in 2008 Karin Andréasson Jewellery was born. 

Her collections of beautifully crafted adornments and feather-based headpieces have a growing fan base and have attracted the attention of celebrities including Natalie Imbruglia, Natalie Portman & Kelis. Most recently she was approached to design and make the headpieces for the dancers from the English National Ballet.

All of Karin's jewellery and headpieces are made in east London in her Hackney studio.  This is where the precious and non-precious, the antique and the new, the one off and the every day, the handcrafted and the recycled combine to make Karin Andréasson pieces so unique.